The different perfume bottles

The different perfume bottles
The different perfume bottles

Bottles for all styles

There are almost as many styles of bottles as there are fragrances! However, we can distinguish two major trends in glass clothing for our fragrances.

First of all, there are the perfume houses which choose to bet on the creativity and talent of their glassmaker who became a designer in the 21st century to offer a precise vision of perfume, or of the world of perfume, right from the visual reception. perfume. This is of course the case with Lalique, but also Lancôme , Dior to a lesser extent and many more recent perfume houses such as Chloé , Jeremy Fragrance or Nina Ricci . It should be noted in this category that some do not hesitate to play with this bottle in an extraordinary way, such as the bottles of Paco Rabanne or Victor & Rolf perfumes .

Then we will find great perfume houses which, conversely, will not seek to shine through their creations of bottles but by the fame of its past or for the olfactory beauty of its composition. The most striking example of this category will of course be the house of Chanel which, since the release of N ° 5 in 1919, has always offered its perfumes in the same bottle.

Various and varied perfume bottles

The work of composing bottles of male perfumes was carried out relatively late in relation to female perfumes. However, today men also have magnificent perfume bottles which play with a grandiloquent appearance as with a more classic approach for some. But, undoubtedly, the gentlemen also have their perfume bottles-objects.

How can we not mention the triumphant Invictus bottle which overlooks all the perfume departments? How not to have focused his attention on the glass fist of Only The Brave or the gray grenade of Spicebomb for Men or even the famous gold bar of One Million ?

However, do not count on these spectacular bottles to give you some precise clues about their contents! It’s more about detonating than revealing, so magnificent bottles like Invictus’ tell us more about the history of perfume than the perfume itself.

The impact of the bottle in choosing a perfume

The brands and the big perfume houses compete in ingenuity in the design of their perfume bottles . And it is not a hazard…

When we go to a perfume store we are faced with a huge choice of fragrances. So what will guide our choice towards a particular perfume? Of course we would say that we are looking for a smell that suits us and that the shape of the bottle is just a plus. This is not so sure !

In reality we will be attracted by a beautiful bottle and impatient to discover the scents it contains. And we are going to multiply this experience 5 or even 10 times. As a result, we will only have discovered the perfumes which the bottle attracted us to, and we will have disregarded the other proposals with bottles that we will consider more ordinary. Obviously the bottle is not the only judge in the choice of a perfume but it is of considerable importance.

However, we do agree that in the end the smell of a perfume and its hold on our skin will decide whether or not to buy a new perfume.

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