The essential Guerlain Meteorites brush

The essential Guerlain Meteorites brush
The essential Guerlain Meteorites brush

The Guerlain Meteorites brush, the essential tool to apply your powder like a pro!

You have undoubtedly already noticed to what extent make-up professionals are equipped with brushes… Beveled, round, flat, in natural or synthetic bristles,… Make-up artists often take out heavy artillery to perfect your beauty. But then, how to navigate and know which brush to adopt for her makeup? Guerlain has decided to make your life easier and make a brush specifically designed to apply its powder. The Meteorites brush takes the same name as its famous balls of compact powder to be applied on the face. So let’s take a closer look at what it is and how to use it.

What does Guerlain’s Meteorites brush look like?

For the creation of its Meteorites brush, Guerlain decided to play clearly in the register of femininity. Therefore, this makeup tool plunges us into a particularly glamorous and girly universe. Its white base is the perfect echo of absolute purity. A silver and finely chiseled collar fixes the natural bristles of this brush on its base. Finally, the Meteorites brushis topped with an elegant pink tuft. Therefore, the world of Guerlain could not be more feminine! Supple, silky and bushy, it is the ideal tool for applying powder. Its density is absolutely perfect and is specifically designed to take the right amount of makeup. The Meteorites brush does not create any overload and offers a very natural result. Made from premium goat hair, it offers women unparalleled quality. From then on, it turns your makeup into a true masterpiece and transforms your beauty ritual into an irresistible moment of softness.

How to apply makeup with the Meteorites brush?

The Guerlain Meteorites brush allows you to apply any loose or compact powder. However, with such a name, it is more specifically thought to be used with the famous Guerlain Meteorites. These are small balls of compacted powder of different colors. Each of them has a specific function. Some are used to give radiance, others to refresh the skin or to camouflage redness. To apply these powders, the Meteorites brush is the ideal tool. It distributes the product evenly over the entire face and sets makeup. The Meteorites brush doesn’t just apply powder. It also improves its outfit. For an impeccable result worthy of a professional, Guerlain recommends taking a little powder with your Meteorites brush and drawing a G on your face, starting from the center of your forehead, and then going towards your temples, your cheekbones, the top of your nose and the tip of your face. chin. From then on, you will structure all of your makeup and give a specific shine to certain key areas of your face.

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