The exacerbated femininity of Loverdose Tattoo

The exacerbated femininity of Loverdose Tattoo
The exacerbated femininity of Loverdose Tattoo

Following the success of Loverdose in 2011, Diesel launched a brand new fragrance in 2013: Loverdose Tattoo and Loverdose Red Kiss this year. This version is lighter and more floral. It is also a little less greedy than the first version. This fragrance is intended for mysterious women full of character. It is then created in order to mark the spirits as the tattoo captivates the gaze. Its bottle, meanwhile, keeps its multi-faceted heart appearance. However, it adopts for the occasion a black color reminiscent of Indian ink. This oriental floral alone embodies a whole universe that could not be more artistic.

The tattoo overdose, mystery and sensuality above all

This time, Loverdose Tattoono longer proclaims loud and clear the independence and charisma of a free woman. On the contrary, he is amused by his femininity and unveils a supernatural mystery. Its fragrance is sensual and captivating. This fragrance from Diesel is an ode to femininity and offers us all the love there is to take in every woman. He then transforms it into a captivating essence and then engraves it in the depths of our blow so that it remains there forever, like a tattoo. Its top notes then consist of a surge of bergamot coupled with tangerine. Then, a very ripe blackcurrant shakes up this freshness and brings a little touch of sugar to it. Its green notes vibrate with intensity and shake up our senses. Then, this fruity facet gives way to a bouquet of orange blossoms and sweet jasmine.

The oriental notes are indeed present and the sensuality is almost unreal as it is exacerbated. The wake is then full of generosity and intensity. It is vanilla and reminds us of maternal sweetness and tenderness. This perfume is a true metaphor: that of the beloved woman, that of the irreplaceable woman.

Diesel’s tattoo

For this new version of Loverdose, Diesel has chosen to contain its sensual fragrance in its mythical multi-faceted heart. However, it turns black as if to remind us of the Indian ink used to make these drawings on the skin. The tattoo spirit is indeed there and the name of the perfume adorns the side of the heart in a very “tattoo” font. The design is exceptional and it could not be fairer. In addition, the beautiful muse Anna Brewster is adorned with a sublime tattoo, more precisely of a magnificent chrysanthemum on the shoulder blade. Her beauty is both very sensual while remaining quite cold.

Everything is played out in an absolutely sublime chiaroscuro. The tone is set and Diesel intends Loverdose Tattoo for women of character. These then have the power to create obsession and addiction to love. The tattoo becomes like a proof of absolute self-confidence and a desire to turn out to be bewitching, indomitable and sexy. What is more, he has the power to prove to be as powerful as a magnet on the male sex. So, ready for your perfumed and indelible bite?

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