The exotic novelty signed Boucheron: Jaïpur Bouquet

The exotic novelty signed Boucheron: Jaïpur Bouquet
The exotic novelty signed Boucheron: Jaïpur Bouquet

Jaïpur Bouquet de Boucheron, between lightness and exoticism

Boucheron is one of the most famous jewelers in France. Established at number 26 Place Vendôme for many decades, Boucheron is inspired by the most beautiful light in the capital to make unusual, timeless and highly refined jewelry. To find inspiration, Boucheron does not hesitate to travel the entire planet in search of the finest raw materials. This is how the brand makes its jewelry but also its perfumes. India, among others, is one of its most important sources of creativity. This is how the Jaïpur perfume was born, in 1994. Today, this juice is reinvented and becomes Jaïpur Bouquet , in a more aerial but still sensual edition.

The new fruity and airy breath of Jaïpur Bouquet

Initially, Boucheron’s very first Jaïpur perfume was quite dark, powerful and charismatic. This time, with Jaïpur Bouquet, its fruity sensuality has been preserved but it becomes more joyful and airy. Initially, Jaïpur Bouquet by Boucheron blossoms in a fruity and slightly bitter duo of mango and grapefruit. Then, this sparkling opening gives way to a much more floral heart, loaded with refinement and nobility. Jaïpur Bouquet revolves around three cult flowers of women’s perfumery: rose, iris and sambac jasmine. Through these ingredients, this fragrance portrays us the portrait of a “remarkably beautiful, daring and independent woman”. Its character asserts itself little by little at its base, thanks to essence of patchouli, sandalwood and cashmere wood.

Jaïpur Bouquet: the beauty of a bottle inspired by an Indian bracelet

Jaïpur Bouquet is a perfume with a very singular name, with a typically oriental sound. Indeed, originally, the Jaïpur was a braceletwhich belongs to the tradition and history of Nauratan. This jewel is traditionally offered to newlyweds in Rajasthan to bring them good luck. Very luxurious, it is embellished with nine precious stones which symbolize the nine protective planets: diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, cat’s eye, chrysoberyl, garnet, coral… All this splendor is united to protect the new couple in the long term. However, it is precisely this jewel, discovered by the Boucheron family in the 1920s, which inspired the bottle of Jaïpur Bouquet. Rounded in shape, it draws the contours of a bracelet, subtly chiseled and decorated with several gadroons. At its top, a golden lacquer overhangs the whole. On it, a stone similar to a turquoise serves as a cap. Its name, meanwhile, is soberly inscribed on its front face, drawing a perfect circle. Jaïpur Bouquet by Boucheron is available in several formats and is contained in a small cardboard box, decorated with flowers, and available in green and gold colors.

More than ever, with this perfume, Boucheron plunges us into the Indian tradition. Inspired by ancestral times, it now displays a current, precious and timeless scent.


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