The Ideal Man, ready to melt the hearts of the ladies

The Ideal Man, ready to melt the hearts of the ladies
The Ideal Man, ready to melt the hearts of the ladies

What could be more promising than the surname of this new perfume? L’Homme Idéal” says a lot about the content of this exceptional fragrance. In addition, our requirements are always pushed to their limits when it comes to a newcomer to Guerlain. Indeed, this great luxury house has existed for 250 years and it must therefore live up to its reputation for each of its creations. It is not easy to find new, ever more daring formulas and yet Guerlain is succeeding wonderfully. Once again, the house struck hard: Indeed, everyone (and especially everyone) knows that the ideal man does not exist … And yet Guerlain has created a fragrance in its image.

The Ideal Man does not exist but he now has his perfume

This new fragrance from Guerlainwas born from the imagination of Thierry Wasser. So how did he conceptualize a perfume knowing that the ideal man is just a utopia that only exists in fairy tales? However, as soon as you get drunk with its fragrance, you have to recognize that the sensation it gives off leaves no room for doubt: this perfume is perfect in every way. Moreover, all communication is clearly focused on the subject. Under no circumstances does Guerlain really take itself seriously. The brand plays lightness and connivance with men. The model is no longer the main element at all and is clearly ousted by the fragrance. Humor, on the other hand, is very present and it is undoubtedly his secret weapon to melt the hearts of women. And yes, Guerlain is not fooled and knows that the fairer sex is particularly sensitive to this quality. In fact, with the Ideal Man, the house has created an olfactory representation of masculine intelligence, beauty and strength. So, for lack of having a prince charming by your side ladies, do not hesitate to cover him with this sublime essence …

Guerlain and its new sensual and sweet essence… How can you resist it?

As you will have understood, the surprise is there when you decide to remove the cabochon from this bottle. L’Homme Idéal has very pleasant scents and starts off with extreme liveliness. This fragrance opens with a citrus note which gives it a lot of dynamism and above all a very modern air. Then comes the rosemary, quite discreet but very present. This sublimates the Ideal Man and accentuates his freshness. Its heart, on the other hand, is sweeter and gives itself the sweetness of vanilla as well as that of almond. Attention ladies, sensuality is at its height and you may not be able to resist it. Its base is woody and leathery. It consists of Vetiver, Leather and Cedarwood. Its overall balance is completely under control. The Ideal Man could not be more sensual.

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