The Japanese tradition of Hanae Mori in a fragrance named HM

The Japanese tradition of Hanae Mori in a fragrance named HM
The Japanese tradition of Hanae Mori in a fragrance named HM

Madame Hanae Mori was the first woman to introduce the Orient to the culture of luxury and Western beauty with the greatest respect for her origins. What’s more, its iconic butterfly has become an essential symbol of the brand and Hanae Mori is today an undisputed figure in luxury. The legend says that a fabulous butterfly with translucent and sparkling wings would have come to rest on the cradle of Madame Hanae Mori at her birth to never leave her again … Also, it is a little of its lightness that Hanae Mori has decided to put in this masculine fragrance as elegant as it is charismatic.

HM, a modern and traditional fragrance at the same time

HM is an elegant and charismatic fragrance. Moreover, faithful to her avant-garde aspirations, Hanae Mori wanted to create a perfect harmony between refinement and sobriety in the purest Japanese tradition. Thus, the perfume HMis intended for men in search of values ​​and exclusivity. He manages to mix an astonishing modernity while evoking ancestral traditions. Its design is then very sober and structured. Most recognizable, the bottle displays the name of its creator, “Hanae Mori”, in letters of platinum. In addition, its polished glass gives it a resolutely contemporary appearance. Likewise, under its modern chrome air, the stopper is in fact inspired by Tsuka, the end of the handle of the Samurai sword. In addition, it is engraved with the letters HM in the pure tradition of the “Kamon”, Japanese coat of arms. Also, to spray yourself with this perfume is to draw inspiration from the strength and wisdom of Japanese ancestors in order to better understand the present. This perfume is like a bridge between the past and the future, and then becomes all the more timeless.

Hanae Mori signs a refined fragrance

This scent of Hanae Moricontains no less than fifty ingredients. It is an oriental and woody fragrance that opens with a very fresh essence. Its dynamism is reflected in its top notes in its citrus scents of lemon. In addition, mint is also present and thus enhances the liveliness of the whole. The whole is however contrasted by the greediness of blackcurrant. In addition, keen to use only noble raw materials, Hanae Mori has chosen to work with the finest lavender, while adding vanilla accents and tonka bean. The heart of this essence, on the other hand, is more flowery and sensual. It further consists of iris, jasmine, lily of the valley and Bulgarian rose. It then exudes an incomparable delicacy and elegance, so dear to the house of Hanae Mori. Finally, the whole concludes with woody and sophisticated scents of sandalwood, amber and moss. This perfume offers us a unique and refined scent, recognizable among all. HM is a unique fragrance and then becomes all the more magnetic.

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