The Multi-Regenerating Mask from Clarins

The Multi-Regenerating Mask from Clarins
The Multi-Regenerating Mask from Clarins

All the expertise of Clarins in a Multi Regenerating Mask

Clarins is a legendary brand considered to be one of the most renowned in the world in terms of cosmetology. If its history began in 1954, Clarins is today number one in high-end skincare products in Europe. Also, this result is linked to his constant desire to offer the best of research to the beauty of men and women. Each of its treatments becomes more efficient over time. Also, it is all the mastery of this renowned brand that we find at the heart of the Multi Regenerating Mask. This helps to fight against the signs of anticipated aging of the skin as well as adding other benefits helping to preserve the quality of your epidermis day after day.

The many advantages of the Multi Regenerating Mask

Clarins Multi Regenerating Maskis an extraordinary anti-aging treatment. In reality, it doesn’t just hide fine lines and fill it in. Rather, it acts on the muscle tension in your face. In addition, Clarins research has established that around 30 muscles in our face are activated more than 10,000 times a day. These then put the skin to the test by perpetually stimulating it. Indeed, when the muscles of the face are activated, they create repeated contractions acting on the fibroblast, a key cell of the youth of the epidermis. The latter stretches and deforms leaving an impact on the features of the face. Also, to overcome this, Clarins has developed a relaxing treatment. The Multi Regenerating Mask thus acts immediately and lastingly. It instantly regains a smoother and more rested mine. The face looks younger in just 10 minutes of use. Its radiance is revived and the skin immediately appears firmer. Thanks to this unusual balm, your features are relaxed and nervous tensions are concealed. The maskMulti Regenerating acts more precisely on three main areas: the forehead, the oval of the face and the eye area. Your complexion will never have looked so relaxed.

The active ingredients used by Clarins

In general, Clarins incorporates many active ingredients in each of its treatments. Indeed, for an equivalent quality, this brand constantly favors natural contributions to synthetic substitutes. As such, the Multi Regenerating Mask contains banana. This fruit from a giant herb harvested in the most tropical areas of the planet has been used for a very long time in traditional medicine. Indeed, the green banana is particularly recognized for its healing properties. In addition, it promotes the synthesis of collagen and the reorganization of the dermal architecture. This is why Clarins has made it one of the star products of its Multi Regenerating Mask. Likewise, the banana is here accompanied by lemon thyme. This one comes from a cross between the traditional thyme that we put in our Sunday dishes and broadleaf thyme. It has a strong lemon scent, hence its name. Like bananas, it has also been used for decades in traditional medicine and is known to treat digestive problems. Likewise, in terms of cosmetology, it helps prevent sagging skin. Thus, it acts here as a real anti-aging treatment.

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