The new aerial recipe from Only The Brave High

The new aerial recipe from Only The Brave High
The new aerial recipe from Only The Brave High

For several years now, the Diesel brand has encouraged men to surpass themselves and conquer the world with its range of Only The Brave fragrances. A true institution of male perfumery, this collection of fragrances is the very embodiment of personal achievement and determination. Also, as if to give men the strength to achieve their goals, Diesel has this time integrated even more freshness into its composition. Focus on the new recipe from Only The Brave High .

Only The Brave High, a breath of fresh air in the perfume department

Only The Brave High is a fragrance that remains in the continuity of its predecessors. Thus, it retains the woody and aromatic facet of its elders. Nevertheless, Diesel has added a new breath of freshness to this well-known scent. Only The Brave High is an intensely energizing juice. Moreover, it is felt from its first breath. Only The Brave High begins with a citrus flavor. It combines the bitterness of grapefruit with the particularly dazzling appearance of yuzu, a small citron from Japan. Likewise, as if that weren’t enough to establish its liveliness, Diesel added mint to its top notes. The ginger, meanwhile, brings here a more spicy part while making this scent madly addicting and somewhat aphrodisiac. The Only The Brave High man never seems to have been so seductive! Its heart is filled with elegance by an addition of geranium. The whole heats up little by little. Finally, Only The Brave High ends with a more amber and woody base. Thus, this perfume alone seems to contain all of the most attractive facets of masculinity.

A creative duo at the service of Diesel

To achieve such a composition, no less than two perfumers were needed. Thus, it was made by the talented Nicolas Beaulieu and Carlos Benaïm. Together, they have chosen to give us the best of their creativity. Carlos Benaïm is a well-known figure in current perfumery. First from a scientific field, he gradually gained the world of perfumery. Thus, in addition to his developed artistic sense, he has a perfect mastery of raw materials. It is undoubtedly from there that he draws his incredible sense of detail. Although he claims to be guided above all by his emotions, Carlos Benaïm does not come up against technical constraints. He can thus express all his audacity as he pleases. Nicolas Beaulieu, meanwhile, comes from one of the most prestigious perfume schools on the planet: the ISIPCA of Versailles. Rather used to developing feminine fragrances, he has incorporated more elegance and sensuality into the Only The Brave High range here. It is therefore from their complicity that this exceptional new fragrance was born.

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