The new Chanel beige concealers

The new Chanel beige concealers
The new Chanel beige concealers

Enhance your skin with Chanel Beige Tone Corrector

A true star in the make-up department, the complexion corrector is getting more and more attention. It must be said that he is a major accomplice to display perfect skin, without any flaws. The corrector helps to reduce all the small imperfections. Its very covering texture conceals all skin irregularities and works real wonders. Thus, all the biggest beauty brands are up to date and offer us the best of their know-how in new generation correctors. Chanel is no exception and invites you to discover its Beige Complexion Corrector , a universal and compact makeup that could well become one of your most beautiful assets.

The Beige Complexion Corrector in a few words

The Chanel Beige Complexion Corrector comes in a small tube whose transparent base lets you glimpse the color and whose black cabochon immediately gives a very refined look. This cap is connected to a foam applicator which greatly facilitates the application of the Beige Complexion Corrector. Everything is available in three different colors, more or less dark and orange, so as to come as close as possible to your natural skin tone. The Chanel Beige Complexion Corrector adapts to all skin types. Tested by dermatological controls, it does not create any risk of allergy. Very comfortable, it will seduce you with its creamy and very melting texture. Chanel’s Beige Complexion Corrector offers perfect yet buildable coverage and flawless hold.

The composition of Chanel Beige Complexion Corrector

Chanel’s Beige Complexion Corrector contains light-reflecting and color-correcting pigments. In other words, it captures the light and immediately gives more radiance to your skin. Likewise, it provides your face with an optical correction of all imperfections. What’s more, its texture is also enriched with moisturizing agents. As a result, the Beige Complexion Corrector does not just apply makeup to your skin. It takes lasting care of it and gives it more comfort and flexibility. So, that only makes it more comfortable to wear. Finally, polymer gel increases the hold of Chanel Beige Complexion Corrector. This product is designed without perfume, which considerably limits its allergenic risk. Thus, it is ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Apply your Chanel Beige Complexion Corrector

For a successful application of the Beige Complexion Corrector, we advise you to use its small foam tip. Apply the product by small touches on the imperfections of your face or on the contours of your eyes to hide the bags or dark circles which would tend to weigh down your eyes. Then blend the Chanel Beige Complexion Corrector with your fingertips with a simple tap. Then all you have to do is cover everything with your usual foundation. At the same time, do not hesitate to slip the Chanel Complexion Corrector in your handbag to make small touch-ups if necessary during the day.

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