The new Chanel color correctors

The new Chanel color correctors
The new Chanel color correctors

Hide your little imperfections with the Chanel Corrector

If you have problematic skin, you have most certainly already suffered from small pigment irregularities, imperfections or shadowy areas that tarnish the freshness of your skin. Indeed, our face is continuously subjected to severe test, and the aggressions it undergoes on a daily basis sometimes get the better of its freshness. Fortunately, today’s cosmetic products offer us alternatives that allow you to hide your small skin defects. The Chanel corrector plays in particular on the colors to camouflage all the imperfections, and to offer you a perfectly uniform face. Available in three colors, it adapts to all needs and all skin types. Focus on the many advantages of the Chanel Corrector.

The complementarity of colors according to Chanel

The Chanel Corrector is available in three different colors . In reality, the choice of these colors was not made at random. It is based on the principle of colorimetry and color complementarities. So know that each color has a color that is complementary to it. When these are superimposed, they neutralize each other. It is therefore on this principle that Chanel has based its research to camouflage imperfections. As an example, be aware that glass tends to erase red. Therefore, if you cover a small inflamed pimple with a glass concealer, it will disappear. This is precisely the mission of Chanel Correctors.

The different colors of the Chanel Corrector

The Chanel Corrector has three different colors.
The apricot corrector tends to eliminate all blue pigmentations. In other words, it’s great for erasing dark circles or correcting hyperpigmentation. It is ideal for anyone with dark or dark skin tone.
The glass corrector, for its part, erases redness. In other words, it camouflages small blood vessels, or inflamed pimples. It adapts perfectly to all very clear skins.
Like him, the rosé corrector is ideal for fair skin. It illuminates dull areas of time and brightens the eyes.

The many advantages of the Chanel Corrector

In addition to this very careful choice of color, the Chanel Corrector benefits from many other advantages. Its film-forming material is very resistant, and does not fear humidity or sebum. Therefore, the Chanel Corrector resists for 8 hours. It also contains a naturally occurring mineral that reflects light. Thus, it gives an incomparable glow to the face. Derivatives of brown algae bring at the same time an effect of freshness and a feeling of soothing. Finally, moisturizing agents strengthen the suppleness and comfort of the skin.

The Chanel Corrector is applied by light touches on certain areas of the face. It corrects small imperfections throughout the day, and fades delicately with your fingertips, by light tapping. In other words, it hides all the little flaws in just a few seconds and using it is child’s play!

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